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App and Domain Name Contest

From now until CitizenCon, submit your most clever app and domain name combo in a contest for the new CitizenCon Concept Ship! One honorable mention will receive a $100 Star Citizen Gift Card.

I'll also be drawing a random user that has reported a price and a random user that has logged a mineable deposit to each win a $50 Star Citizen Gift Card.

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Big credit and thanks to Mr. Hasgaha for both the Avenger image and some MAJOR design help with the banner. You should go check him out. He takes screenshots and stuff. They're pretty amazing!

What's this about?

It's been a long time coming. was only ever meant to be a temporary parking domain, and "Star Citizen Apps" is not the most appealing app name. So, I'm hosting a contest to find the most clever combo of an available domain name and new app name.

While choosing an app and domain name for your contest submission, I'd highly recommend taking into consideration this app is not just a "trade" app. It currently also provides mining resources, displays data from in-game assets, aides in making shopping decisions, and more. The list of planned features extends well beyond just that. Think of it as an app that exists to bridge the gap between a wiki and whatever in-game tools CIG makes available. It's meant to make your life easier while enjoying Star Citizen.

From now through the Friday before CitizenCon (10/5/2018), contest submissions are open! Then, on Saturday (10/6/2018), I will announce the winners and reveal the new domain and app name live on stream at

I'm also simultaneously hosting a contest where I draw two winners, one a random user that has reported a price and one a random user that has logged a mineable deposit during the contest.

What can I win?

Domain Name Contest

Each year at CitizenCon, CIG releases a grand, new concept ship. Last year was the Pioneer, and I'm sure this year's concept will be no less extravagant. Let's be real: it's probably the Drake Kraken. Whatever it is, the top submission will award it or $500 value in ships, whichever is greater.

Grand Prize:
New CitizenCon Concept Ship or $500 value in ships
Honorable Mention:
$100 Star Citizen Gift Card

Random Drawing

Random Drawing From Users with Price Reports
$50 Star Citizen Gift Card
Random Drawing From Users with Deposits
$50 Star Citizen Gift Card

What are the rules?

General Rules

  • Contest submissions close 11:59pm on Friday, 10/5/2018
  • All submissions are only valid if done during the contest period
  • You may only submit from ONE account; yes, I will know if you've used multiple accounts
  • You MUST be following @Texas_Skulls and retweet the contest announcement (above) to be eligible to win

Domain Name Contest

  • Submissions must include both a new app name and domain name
  • The domain name MUST be available, preferably including the .com as well (if not already .com)
  • Winners are chosen at my sole discretion
  • Maximum three (3) submissions per person
  • All entries must be submitted here to be considered
  • Do NOT share your submissions with anyone else; people are fucking evil and will steal and register the domain

Random Drawing

  • You MUST opt-in to the app's leaderboards here
  • You must submit VALID price reports or mineable deposits; yes, I will be able to easily tell what's bullshit and what's not
  • You MUST have submitted a price report to be eligible for that category
  • You MUST have logged a mineable deposit to be eligible for that category


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